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Easy Steps to Apply for Student’s Visa To Study Free In Finland/German- See Details


Easy Steps to Apply for Student’s Visa To Study Free In Finland/German- See Details

Securing admission in a particular institution is the very first step to studying in a foreign University. After this follows obtaining a Student’s visa and this varies from country to country. Carefully go through the guide line below to see how to apply for students visas to study free in Finland and  Germany.

How to Apply For Student’s Visa To Study Germany

There are certain documents required by German government from anyone applying for German visa to present to the German Embassy. The list of the documents are outlined below. Process to Obtain visa should begin immediately the applicant receives admission letter from the institution he/she has chosen.  Meanwhile Students from EU countries or citizens of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland, are not expected to obtain visa to study in Germany.

Proof Of Financial Capacity:

This is a documents that proves that you can take care of yourself throughout the period of your study in Germany. The following are the contents of the documents.

  • Security on a blocked account (8000 Euros)
  • Proof of parent’s’ (guardian’s) income and assets or a German resident who has agreed to handle the costs for you or scholarship from a recognized scholarship foundation
  • Bank guarantee

Other documents that will be required are:

A certificate showing your fluency in German or English language
Health certificate
Admission letter
Your national passport or travel document with at least 6 months validity.

Once all these documents are in order, you can go ahead and apply to the German Embassy in your country to obtain the study visa you need. Although tuition is free in Germany, living costs are to be catered for by the student and this is why the financial documents are a crucial part of the student visa application.

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Applying for a visa to study in Finland

The lists of document required by the Finnish embassy are as follows; Meanwhile Just like Germany, application for the student’s visa should begin after the applicant has secured admission to study in Finland and have recieved his/her admission letter.

Proof Of Financial Capacity:

Although tuition is free at some universities in Finland, non EU/EEA students need to show they have at least 700 Euros monthly for their living expenses while they will be in Finland.

Admission letter:

This must be from an accredited university and bear the same name as displayed on your other travel documents.

Other documents are:

  • Your national passport or travel document with at least 6 months validity.
  • Passport sized colour photographs, not more than 6 months old.
  • Bank statements showing up to six months transaction details, must show sources of income.

With all documents ready, you can apply online on the country’s embassy portal which may vary for each country.

When applying, it is very important to show proper records as the embassy officials are entitled to deny one a visa if their documents are considered not to match requirements. It is also very important to display, especially during the interview,ties to your home country and a desire to return after studies. Students are also advised to apply on time as the granting of visas might take some time.

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