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Top 10 Vocational Courses That Can Fetch You Great Jobs In Australia-Share This!!!


Top 10 Vocational Courses That Can Fetch You Great Jobs In Australia-Share This!!!

Often time, migrating to Australia seems to be more difficult than other countries, Are you one of those aspiring to leave and work in Australia? You don’t have to worry anylonger about how to migrate, settle and get a great jobs that can sustain you and even your family. Vocational Courses are the solution to your problem.

Through our careful research, MSP team have discovered that the easiest way to leave and work in Australia is by applying for a vocational course in Australia. This courses equip you with the necessary skills needed to give you great jobs with good pay that can sustain you and your family. Vocational courses are designed to help you learn in a practical way about a specific job area. They can help you get the skills you need to start a job, progress in a career or go on to higher levels of education.

Why Vocational Courses?:

  • They are Industry Recognised Qualification
  • They are skill based
  • They are cheaper than degree and masters courses
  • The schedule for vocational courses gives you ample time to work why studying.
  • It can easily fetch you great jobs in your Industry.
  • You require little amount of money to get enrolled in a vocational Course and Migrate to Australia unlike when you are looking for huge amount of money to enroll in a Degree or Postgraduate programme.

Carefully go through the list below and find a vocational course that suits your industry

1   Aged and Care Support:

Are you passionate about caring for others? Aged and disability carers provide critical support to people in care facilities, hospitals and in their homes. Learn how to care for older people, with hands-on work placement and on-campus simulated workplaces and look forward to diverse and secure job opportunities in a growing sector.

Career possibilities include:
> Personal care worker
> Care assistant
> Nursing assistant
> Care supervisor
> Aged care accommodation support worker
Fees range and Course Duration
AUD$6,870 – $7,560 per semester, 0.5–1 year

2  Architectural Studies:

Covering both building theory and drafting skills, architectural studies gives you the skills to build a career in the development and construction industry. Learn the latest sustainable building and construction theories, while gaining impressive drafting, sketching and CAD modelling skills. Career possibilities include:
> Architectural draftsperson
> CAD technician
> Building information
Fees Range and Course Duration
AUD$6,750 per semester 1–2 years

3  Building and Construction

There’s a wide range of building and construction courses to choose from. Each has been developed with industry to ensure the skills you learn apply directly to your job. And you could do more than just build – careers in the industry include the structural, architectural and engineering services needed to plan major work from initial designs to working with government and contractors.

Career possibilities include:
> Senior civil works designer  > Paraprofessional designer > Architectural draftsperson   > Architectural technician > Building information modelling
specialist > Accredited building designer > Civil construction designer > Cartographer > CAD operator > Carpenter > Project manager on medium
rise building projects > Town planning officer > Town planning surveyor > Geographic information services officer> Mapping officer > Technician surveyor > Bricklayer/blocklayer > Detail draftsperson
Fees range and Course Duration
AUD$6,450–$9,890 per semester 0.5–2 years

4  Business and Management:

Business, administration and management skills are useful across a wide range of sectors and industries. Start your own business, or climb the ladder in the corporate world with project management abilities, marketing knowledge and relationship building skills.

Career possibilities include:
> Client relationship manage > Client service and administration
> Public relations officer         > Information officer
> Publicity office                       > Administration manager
> Office manager                      > Export and import manager
> Trade manager
Fees range and Course Duration
AUD$4,690–$10,000 per semester 0.5–2 years

5  Dental Studies:

Study in a real-world dental environment and gain hands-on experience working in the healthcare industry. Our expert teachers and lecturers have up-to-date experience in the sector. You’ll be qualified to work as a dental assistant or as a technician in a dental laboratory.

Career possibilities include:
> Dental technician > Dental assistant
Fees range and Course Duration
AUD$6,930–$9,573 per semester 1–2 years

6  Design:

With specialist courses in interior design, graphic design, product design, jewellery, furniture and design fundamentals, you can attain a high level of skill and deep understanding of your field. Work in modern facilities, enter design competitions and study under experienced professionals in the design world.

Career possibilities include:
> Interior designer  > Colour consultant  > Illustrator (technical, book, comic book/ graphic novel, scientific, fashion)  > Sketch artist  >Newspaper/magazine/editorial illustrator  > Interior decorator  > Cartoonist  > Digital illustrator> Animator  > Graphic designer  > Fine furniture maker > Jewellery designer
Fees range and Course Duration
Bachelor degree
AUD$8,800 per semester
Vocational courses
AUD$5,720–$8,845 per semester
0.5–3 years

7  Digital Media:

Work in film, TV and online with specialised skills in digital media. From video editing and 3D animation to lighting and stage direction, your course will set you up for an exciting and diverse career. Gain familiarity with the tools of the trade by using the latest equipment, software and technology, and working in functioning studios.

Career possibilities include:
> 3D: animator, lighting artist,modeller, programmer, renderer,texture artist > Art director
> Character designer > Compositor > Digital matte painter > Production designer
Fees range and Course Duration:
Bachelor degree
AUD$10,400 per semester
Vocational courses
AUD$5,035–$11,600 per semester
0.5–3 years

8  Horticulture:

Learn about organic production, landscaping, irrigation, floral design, proper use of chemicals and how to take care of plants and soil. Get hands-on experience in the field and become familiar with the tools of your trade, from computer aided design to machinery maintenance.
Career possibilities include:
> Horticulture assistant
> Florist
> Horticulturist
> Parks and gardens manager
> Landscape designer
Fees range and Course Duration
AUD$5,250–$6,250 per semester 0.5–2 years

9  Human Resources:

A human resources qualification will help you in a wide range of leadership positions, and qualifies you to work in human resources as a consultant or part of an in-house team. You will learn how to be a good mentor, resolve workplace conflicts and enforce workers’ rights and workplace safety.
Career possibilities include:
> Line manager/clerk with human resource responsibilities
> Human resource manager
> Human resource officer
Fees range and Course Duration:
AUD$4,900–$7,420 per semester 0.5–1.5 years

10  Information Technology:

There are many different types of  Vocational Courses and jobs in information technology, so there are many different courses you can take to get employed in the sector. An IT course will give you specialised skills, experience working with the latest tools and equipment, and the ability to make connections studying with like-minded people.
Career possibilities include:
> Senior network administrator
> Information systems manager
> IT security specialist
> E-business coordinator > Engineer > Operations analyst > Operations technician > Security administrator > Security analyst > Services administrator  > Security advisor > Chief information officer > Access services officer > Applications architect > Computer technician
> Administrator> Analyst > Architect > Developer > Manager > Customer support professional > Digital media authoring specialist > Digital media designer > Interactive digital media developer/engineer > E-security specialist > Enterprise systems administrator > ICT security specialist > ICT user support > Information services officer > Information technology manager > Internet developer > Internet/intranet administrator > IT administrator/coordinator > IT operations administrator/coordinator
> Administrator > Developer > Development manager programmer > Webmaster > Service delivery manager > Special collections officer
> Systems/network administrator > Technical services officer > Technical support – sustainability > Firewall engineer > Intrusion detection analyst > 2D or 3D animator > PC or mobile games developer
Fees range Course and Duration:
Bachelor degree
AUD$8,233 per semester
Vocational courses
AUD$4,945–$14,100 per semester
0.5–3 years

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