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Emile Boutmy Scholarships for International Students (Study in France)

Emile Boutmy Scholarship

Emile Boutmy scholarships program is open to all international students intending to study in France. The scholarship program covers either an undergraduate or a master’s program. The scholarship program is for international students who are non-Europian students. Hence, to be eligible for this scholarship program, one has to be a first-time applicant.

Emile Boutmy Scholarship is been organized in Science Po in France. Thus, the Paris Institute of Political Studies is often referred to as science Po. Science Po is one of the prestigious political science institutions in France. Hence, the institution is located in Paris and it is a higher institution for elites in Europe. They majorly deal in political and administrative related courses.

Nonetheless, the Emile Boutmy scholarship program was initiated so as to attract the best non-Eu students to the school. Thus, the scholarship program is been awarded solely on merit. Hence, the Emile Boutmy Scholarship is granted to exceptional students that their educational profiles match the admissions priorities standard of Sciences Po and individual course requirements.

Benefits of Emile Boutmy Scholarships:

The Emile Boutmy scholarships program gives grants to winners of every year through the individual’s study program in the school. Though the amount of the grants varies with respect to academic excellence and program of study. At some point, a grant sum to assist scholars to cover the cost of living is provided by the Emile Boutmy Scholarships program.

Thus, the grants to be offered in either an undergraduate or postgraduate program are enlisted below;

Benefits of Undergraduate Scholars:

The scholarship award is only available for incoming students in Science Po France. Thus, the scholarship program awards come in several sums;

  • The scholarship can cover for tuition by giving each scholar €7,300 every year.  Thus, until the three years of the undergraduate program in Science Po. Also with a grant price to cover the cost of living worth €5000 every year.
  • The scholarship may likewise cover tuition grant worth €7,300 every year without the cost of living tendered to.
  • A grant worth €5,000 every year through the individual program may also be given.
  • The scholarship can also be a grant worth of €3,000 every year.

This grant prices are being awarded on the basis of merit on the application. It is being decided through a series of procedures by professionals. Only on special cases is a grant worth of € 19,000 awarded to a student to cover their undergraduate program.


If the scholars fail to validate their academic year, the student is prone to losing the scholarship program. Also, if a student has been granted the Emile Boutmy Scholarship and he defers the admission the student will lose the scholarship program.

Benefits of Master Level Scholars:

The Emile Boutmy scholarship program for the master level students is also only available for incoming international masters students in the school. The awarded grant is majorly in two forms;

  • A grant worth of €10,000is given to scholars every year for the two years of their master’s program.
  • Or a grant sum €5,000 of €10,000is given to scholars every year for the two years of their master’s program.

Hence, the same conditions applicable to the undergraduate scholars also affects the master level scholars.

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Number of Awardees:

The number of students to be granted the scholarship program is not specified.

Eligible Countries:

The Emile Boutmy scholarship program is open to any students who are not a citizen of the Europian Union. Thus, apart from this, any other international student is eligible to apply.

Eligible Criteria:

As mentioned earlier, you must be an incoming student at Science Po. Thus, you must be a first-time applicant in the school. Hence, must have been admitted to either an undergraduate or master’s program in the school. Therefore, one is not eligible to apply if;

  • If you are from a Europian union state.
  • Also, Swiss and Norwegian students are not eligible to apply since they are entitled to CROUS scholarships program
  • Students with dual citizenship which one of them is in the Eu are not eligible to apply.
  • Intending applicants for the master scholarship program from Quebec are not eligible to apply because they take advantage of sliding scale fees ( Which is the same for European applicants). But intending Bachelor’s students from Quebec are eligible to apply.
  • Students who were transferred from other schools are not eligible to apply.
  • Students running for a Ph.D. program are not eligible to apply.
  • Also, candidates intending to run for a one-year master program can not apply

Students who formerly deferred their admission can only apply to the Emile Boutmy scholarship program if they;

  • They had not applied for the scholarship program before deferring admission
  • If they had gotten the scholarship the previous year but lost it because of deferral.

The Emile Boutmy scholarship program may be combined with other scholarship programs but that will be with considerations from the jury body of the Emile Boutmy scholarship program.

How to Apply:

To apply for the Emile Boutmy scholarship program you have to indicate interest when applying for a program of study in Science Po. Thus, intending applicants must signify their wish for the scholarship in the online application form.

Selection Criteria:

  • The selection criteria for this scholarship is based on academic achievement.
  • The social status of applicants is oftentimes considered in the selection process. 
  • The financial status of the applicant is as well put into consideration during the selection process.


The deadline for each scholarship program varies with the program of study;

  • Deadline for Undergraduate program is April 13, 2020
  • Deadline for Master-level program is December 15, 2019

To see full details about the Emile Boutmy scholarship program kindly visit their webpage.

Visit the Scholarship Webpage



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