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The MENA Scholarship Programme For African Professionals


Application is currently open for the MENA scholarship programme for African professionals. The scholarship is been offered to professionals from the MENA countries to study a short course in Netherland. In other words, the MENA scholarship programme is opened to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

Thence, the MENA scholarship programme aims at building and promoting the capacities within industries in the MENA region. The major aim of this scholarship programme is to contribute to the democratic transition in the nominated countries. Thus, this is made possible by enabling employees to take a short term course in Netherland to boost their capacity.

Hence, the applicants or participants of the MENA scholarship programme are being selected by their organization. Thus the selected individuals must have been deemed fit for training and awarding through their respective organizations. Thence, the training is meant to help the industry grow in their capacity.

The MENA scholarship programme is been organized and funded by the  Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This is a governmental body through which the Dutch government relates to international organizations and foreign governments. Their work activities aim at promoting prosperity and fairness in dealing with other countries. Thus, they also help to maintain stability and security to middle nations that are victims of violence, conflicts and low standard of living. Thus on this note, the MENA scholarship programme is been funded by this governmental body to assist the MENA nations to grow in capacity.

Eligible Countries:

To be eligible to apply for the MENA scholarships programme, the intending applicants must be a citizen, living and working in the underlisted countries;

  • Algeria
  • Egypt
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Jordan
  • Lebanon
  • Libya
  • Morocco
  • Syria *
  • Tunisia

NOTE: The scholarship application is not open to persons applying from Syria. But if you are of Syria nationality residing and working in the listed countries, you can as well apply for the scholarship programme.

Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible for the MSP,

  • One must be a professional with a maximum age of 45, and a citizen of the MSP valid list of countries at the time of application, living and working there.
  • Applicants must have a current employer’s statement that aligns with the given format Nuffic has provided. Hence, all information must be inputted and commitments that are included in the format must be endorsed in the statement.
  • The applicant must possess a valid and official passport.  The passport should be valid at least three months after the candidate’s submission date.
  • Applicants must a statement from the government that reaches the requirements of the country where the employer is established (if applicable).
  • A candidate must not receive greater than one course offered by the MSP scholarship at a time.
  • Intending applicants must belong or work in an organization that has a scheme for staff development. Organizations like Multinational industries such as; Shell, Microsoft, Unilever. Thus, the applicant’s organization must be large commercial organizations. You could access the scholarship webpage to see organizations eligible for intending applicants to apply.
Things To Consider Before Applying:

Before having thoughts of applying for the MSP scholarship programme it is advised you first consider these two things;

  1. Carefully read and review the eligibility criteria.
  2.  Ensure to notify your employer and know that he is ready to nominate you for the programme.

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How To Apply:

Application on the MENA scholarship programme usually takes place through the Dutch institutions. Courses available for the scholarships are provided by these institutions with the deadlines for each course.  The courses offered in this short term vary and touch different fields. The duration of this programme is usually between two to twelve weeks.

Hence, below are the necessary steps to follow to smoothly apply for the scholarship programme;

1. Choose a Course from the Scholarship course list:

Currently, the application round is closed. But, intending applicants are advised to regularly visit the scholarship website for updates

2. Get in Touch with the Dutch Institution that is Offering the Course for Information on;
  • The available course content
  • Application deadline for the respective Dutch institutions
  • The necessary procedures to take towards the application
  • The required supporting documents and online forms for the application
3. Prepare your Documents:

After you have made inquiries from the institutions you can now make preparations towards applying for the scholarship. Thus, you can now get your supporting documents set.

4. Submit your Application

After much is done, it is now time to submit your application. This is done through the website of the Dutch institution offering your choice of course. There you will be required to upload your valid passport and other required documents like your employer’s statement or government statement depending on the country.

Selection Procedure:

The MSP scholarship is highly competitive. Thus scholarship is awarded purely on merit. Any candidate that meets the eligibility criteria and requirements, you would have a chance of been nominated as a beneficiary of the scholarship. The respective  Dutch institution will contacts winners for the necessary steps to take next. Thus, this is what happens when you are nominated;

– The Dutch institutions in question can submit a grant request to Nuffic requesting funding for eligible applications.

– Netherlands Embassy can check the applications on their eligibility and can assess the applications supported the eligibility criteria and also the Embassy country focus areas.

– solely eligible applications are taken into any thought.

– The choice is determined by the offered point in time budget, the number of applicants and also the quality and quality of the applications.

The award will be on a competitive check on persons who are highly motivated and have the crave to learn skills to boost their organizations capacity.


Currently,  application for the rounds is closed. But, the application opening date for 2019 rounds will be on September as stated on their site.

For further inquiries involving the MENA scholarship programme, kindly contact the Dutch institutions offering the course. Intending applicants can get the contact information of all involved institutions via the link. Contact of Dutch participating institutions.

You can also visit the scholarship web page.

Visit the Scholarship Webpage



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