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Uk Government Chevening Scholarship Application 2020/2021 Now Open


Chevening scholarship application 2020 is now open for students who intend to study in the UK on a fully-funded scholarship. The Chevening scholarship application is purely aimed at exceptionally good emerging leaders worldwide.  This scholarship is solely based on merit. The scholarship is targeted on persons who have the zeal, influence, and ideas to profer and solve trending problems to create a better future.

Thus, the nature of the Chevening scholarship application is fully funded to any of the scholars. Hence every expense is covered by this scholarship programme. Both accommodation, flight tickets, course fees, and living expenses. Thus, the Chevening scholar has a great opportunity to render a full focus on their professional dreams and goals. They will live and study in the united kingdom for one year through which they will develop in so many aspects of their lives. They will get to network and extensively have an experience of Uk culture. Thus scholars will get to build a strong relationship in the UK and still intensively grow educationally and professionally.

The Chevening scholarship application is been funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO)and its partners. This organizing body is a governmental body in the UK in charge of securing and fostering the British interest worldwide. The FCO was created by merging the commonwealth office and the foreign office. Hence, the Chevening scholarship application is a government-sponsored scholarship.

Who is Eligible for this Scholarship?

The Chevening scholarship is aimed at emerging leaders worldwide. On this note, The Chevening scholarship application is open to anyone irrespective of age, gender, religion, marital status, sexual orientation or any other personal attribute does not matter. Thus to be eligible for this scholarship one have to meet the enlisted criteria;

  • Applicants must be a citizen of the country eligible for Chevening scholarship.
  • The scholar must return to his nation of citizenship for at least two years after the scholarship award has ended.
  • All intending applicants must have completed all the components and requirements of an undergraduate degree. That will allow them to gain entry into any postgraduate in the UK during application.
  • All applicants must have at least two years of work experience.
  • Applicants must have received an unconditional admission from any of the Uk university courses of his/her choice applied for before 16 July 2020.
  •  Intending applicants must meet the Chevening requirement on or before 16 July 2020. The English language requirement is deeply a very important factor for applying to this scholarship. Thus, it is advised that all intending applicants ensure they have fulfilled the English language requirement as early as they can. These requirements can be meant either by;
  1. Taking an English language test.
  2. Claiming an exemption based on the UKVI exempt categories.

Also, note that the work experience is a crucial eligibility factor the Chevening scholarship application takes seriously. Thus, applicants must ensure that they meet the least work experience required for the application. So if you do not meet the required years of work experience, do not bother applying.

Hence, the Chevening scholarship application requests a minimum of two years of work experience.

Eligible Types of Work Experience:

There are several types of work experience available to qualify for the application. The different kinds of work experience are enlisted below;

  • Paid or unpaid internships
  • Part-time employment
  • Full-time employment
  • Voluntary work

Either of this work experience must be met before applying for the Chevening scholarship. Work experience must have been completed during, after or before graduating from your undergraduate studies. Though, any compulsory employment that was done as a recourse to your undergraduate or postgraduate course would not be considered.

Applicants might not meet the work experience required for the Chevening scholarship application on a single job. If one had undergone several jobs they can notify all of them that accumulates to the minimum two years of experience. Thus if one is currently underemployment, you are not expected to resign from your job. Thus, you are advised to discuss your decision to apply for the scholarship program with your boss. Applicants can direct their employers to the employer’s page on our website.

How To Calculate Your Work Experience:
  • To calculate the work entries, the number of weeks worked is multiplied by the number of hours worked per week. Hence, a working week consists of 35-60 hours and a working year consists of  40-50 weeks.
  • In other words as an applicant, you must have worked at two years is 2,800 hours.
  • If you have worked part-time, then the total work hour will be the accumulation of the work experience over a longer period of time.

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Benefits of Scholarship:

The Chevening scholarship normally comes with a load of benefits,

  • Complete payment of tuition fees.
  • Free flight to and fro from your country of residence on your desired route on an economy class.
  • Winners will be given an arrival allowance and also a departure allowance.
  • The cost of an entry visa clearance application for you only and a travel top-up allowance.
  • Winners will be given a monthly living expense to cover for accommodation and feedings

Number of Awardees:

The number of awards is not specified. But the award is given purely on merit. The selection and screening process of the Chevening scholarship takes a minimum of eight after which the winners are nominated and contacted.

Eligible Courses:

In other to qualify for the application, applicants must go for courses that are mainly full time;

  • That is based and taken in the UK
  • It must be a masters programme and thus lead to a master’s degree qualification.
  • The course must not be a research focus programme.

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The Chevening scholarship application was opened on the 5th of August 2019. The deadline for application submission is on 5th November 2019. Applicants are advised to submit the application on time as late submission might be penalized. 

The assessment of the applications starts thereafter. The application screening takes time. But the scholars will be awarded in 2020 and kick off their master’s programme.

For full details on the selection criteria and careful guidance on how to smoothly apply to the Chevening scholarship application. Intending applicants are advised visiting the webpage.

Visit the Scholarship Webpage:



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